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Advertise Your BANNER

STEP 1 :


Send Payments to us.

IMP NOTE : First see our Prices and then send Payments to us.

Payment Options :

1] Cash Deposit (For Only Indian Members)


2] Online NEFT/RTGS Net Banking (For Only Indian Members)


3] Xoom (For Only Non-Indian Members)

If you are sending Payments via Xoom then Use Our ICICI Bank Account Details.


How to Send Payments to us via Xoom?


  1. If you do not have Xoom Account then CLICK HERE to create Xoom Account FREE OF COST.

  2. CLICK HERE to Login into your Xoom Account.

  3. CLICK HERE to Send Payments into Our ICICI Bank Account.


4] E-currency Accounts (For All International (Indian & Non-Indian) Members)


  • Paypal

  • Alertpay/Payza

  • Egopay

  • Perfect Money

STEP 2 :


Submit below BANNER Advertising Order Form.


Please Submit BANNER Advertising Order Form with all your Details Correctly & Carefully. If you Submit BANNER Advertising

Order Form with any wrong Details then your BANNER Advertising Order Form will be rejected automatically without any



We do not provide tracking. If you need tracking then please provide a tracking URL in Advertised URL field.


After confirming your Payments & verifying your "BANNER Advertising Order Form", we will Add your Banner on our website within

12 - 24 hours.


BANNER Advertising Order Form
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