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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Important?

Everybody knows that Internet is the fastest growing communicating medium today, simply because most of your prospects

spend more time online than reading a newspaper/magazine, watching TV or other media. Communication and marketing via the

web are quickly becoming one of the more powerful tools in business today.



Email Marketing is being popular for several reasons:


Build Strong Relationships

Sending emails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a company/merchant with its current or previous customers and

to Retain them.


Acquire New Customers

Sending emails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something


Over half of Internet users check or send email on daily so it is most hitting way of Advertisement.


Targeted Marketing

Email Marketing and target oriented advertisement. you could reach only those who might require your services, solutions or

products without bothering, as educated and refined people are there who easily understand about your product.


Easy and Fast Way

Email Marketing is instant, safest and easy way of communication, as opposed to a mailed advertisement; an email arrives in a

few seconds or minutes.


Response Oriented

It is a faster response oriented tool of advertisement. It is becoming as the most effective online marketing source.


Lower cost

It is most cost effective way to distribute your advertisement via Email Marketing to consumers and business opportunity


Your Business + Email Marketing = Success!!!

We provide International (Indian & Non-Indian) Email Address Database at very reasonable price in all over World.


We update Email Address Database list every Month.


Benefits and Advantages

  • All Email Address Database in Notepad, Word and Excel Format.

  • Secure, Easy To Use Database Files.

  • 90% Valid and Accuracy Database.

  • No Repeated Email Addresses.

  • No Fake and Duplicate Email Addresses.

  • Useful For Marketing Purposes.

  • Useful For Both Large and Small Scale Business.

  • Very Reasonable and Affordable Price.

  • All International (Indian & Non-Indian) Members are Welcome.

Prices of Email Marketing


Package Name Quantity Price
India Email Database (Set-1) 50,000 10$ (Rs.600)

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